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The Process of the creation of a Website

Step 1 - Analysis/Research

Once you have placed your order, I will begin my work by reading over your project specifications. I will take my time listening to you, the client, to understand the objectives of your site. All your previous files will be checked over to see what needs to be change or can be reused. If you are starting from scratch I will walk through the company branding steps to learn what your company image is and how you want to present it to the world. Research will be done to learn how your competitors are doing it so I can improve how your users will experience your site, with the goal of having them come back to your site again and again. Once everything is clear on how you want your site I will start working on the architecture part of the project.


Step 2 - Information Architecture

It is time to design the blueprints of the site, the navigation chart, the style guide, the wireframes, and the interface designs so you can see exactly how your website will look like when it is done. This step is very important to you because it insures your users a great user experience through consistence layouts and visually appealing designs. This step is the foundation of your site and every home/website needs a strong foundation.


Step 3 - Development

Now the fun part begins, I take the detailed structure plans and turn it into a top-notch website. I am always ahead of the curve looking for new methods and techniques in markup creation to give you the best website out there amongst your competitors. During this step there will be meetings with you to go over the site's progressive and receive your feedback on them.


Step 4 - Delivery

You are now a proud owner of a brand-new website! After going over all the feedback you gave me I had made sure the site is exactly how you had wanted it. If for some small chance there is something wrong I will fix it for you till you are completely satisfied. I will be available to you in the future for any questions or maintenance you might need. Enjoy!

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